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I love doing things I have never done before.
Not good for my career.
But my mood and my photography benefit greatly from it..

What can I do for you?
Let's think of something really great and let's make it!

the interior of the church
L e Corbusier: Notre-Dame du Haut - Ronchamps, France
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For Sale and Wanted
all in a day's...
samples of my regular daily photography
(dutch -under construction)
about this site
about myself


* laughing head lights
*Sydney Opera House

all my hands -
new art
*my dancing fingers more new art
* Ikebana -
more hands
* some more from the show at Shell Amsterdam


what is in my #1 bag?
a string for of a tripod
playing with panorama
free digital infrared
free diffusor for a compact.
cheap Schneider loupe.
cheap viewer for digicams
there's more information available in dutch


Helmut Jahn:
Sony Centre



Berlin 1990
sculpture by
André Boone

my graphic design


WTC - remembering the twins
some black and white baryta prints
a selfportrait - Paris
my polagrams
selfportrait in fragments



the golden rock (Myanmar)


report of my search for masters and other photographers

-premium links! there is some great photography on the net! (text mostly english)

fotografielessen en workshops aan de VolksUniversiteit Haarlem. (Dutch program only)
sing-along in the park
long gone:
white light in Haarlem

the sing-along-messiah

visit the site of sculptor André Boone

other Wiskerke's on the web

more articles

basic terms
A very small FAQ
equipment (e.g.Olympus) in my drawers

reflection - lens flare
view angle

more links (very popular)

for sale + used online in the Netherlands and Germany

links to (online) lessons
photo DIY links
tool links
links to dictionaries and glossaries
Olympus links
stereo links
New York links [not about 11/9]
about Haarlem

temporary exhibits
(these may take a while to load):

some baryta prints in the bargain basement

cycling in summer
kids rally against dangerous trucks

2 cyclists in Amsterdam
ore cyclists in Haarlem

an old photograph: sunday school on the steps of Madoerastraat 1
temporary exhibits
(these may take a while to load):

*Caiseal na cGor - the new book of Jan Voster - a preview
(I did the design)

- photo show by my students
  the sing-along-messiah

portrait of dory she has her own domain now:

free photo's on your site? - look here!

most of the pictures on this site are shot with olympus camera's; here's the webring:

This Olympus OM Webring site owned by wim wiskerke
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my Olympus links

About this site

This site functions mainly as my portfolio. And doubles as my playground. ;-).
Your visit does of course not earn me a penny: no banner or advert in sight.
There's a page where I have some items for sale. For a page with a special offer for the commercial use of my photo's on the web look here.

For the logged part of my site I welcome
246 visitors on average with 645 hits per day.
I am very impressed by that, I have to admit. So thank you for stopping by!
The all time high: now 1515 (to look at my april fools prank: spring! not in-camera photo's, but scans.)
It was: 1296 hits on a single day. I found that impressive too! They all came to look at this little picture .
Something else I do find impressive: my visitors are from more than 120 countries! Wow! Thank you for looking in!

wim wiskerke, vorm en foto is the trade name I use and it has been registered since 1984.Conditions are here. (Dutch only at present.) For use of my pictures these rates of the fotografenfederatie apply. (Prices are in Euro.)
For a special offer look here.

On the web, everything is always *under construction*. It's the same here on my site. Our lives are like the web now in this regard: everything is always under construction. These are truly modern times. Nothing is ever finished or final anymore. So if you find anything wrong or ugly or simply not working on this site, accept my apologies, and please send me an e-mail: I do learn quickly ;-)

The best screen size for my site is 1024x768. It is the preferred setting for now more than half of my visitors; see below. Other settings may cause distortion of some pictures or may force you to scroll. I noticed in my stats that the 800x600 setting is used less and less. 640x480 is virtually extinct. All kind of exotic large settings are coming up though. (How about 4096x768; 1856x704; 3840x1024; 990x694?? I do worry about the 82 persons viewing with 0x0!)

The numbers 12345678901 should be visible below, adjust your monitor when necessary.
from the stats:
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