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wim wiskerke vorm en foto


- more hands

50 x 60 with pictures of (mostly my) hands, pigment print, stainless steel, velvet on paper
not for sale yet
currently at Shell, Amsterdam

most pictures (not all) are of my own hands.
mostly blurred or moving. they can move here as well,
if one kicks the glass case ;-)
at first i planned to fit a small ventilator in the case,
but dismissed it as far to much of an anecdote.
the same for the grass-green velvet.
is it serious? as serious as any bouquet of flowers!
why do we put flowers in our house?
to make us feel better; to brighten things up.
well some photography and art can be like that too.

as for the ikebana style,
i am afraid this is not rikka, nor nageire or shoka;
it must be freestyle then.

on the site of
an ikebana school i found the following:
It is up to your aesthetic awareness to assemble the materials,
choose their most beautiful aspects, put them in a different
order, and endow them with a value transcending that which
they had in nature. Arranging Ikebana begins with careful
observation of the plant materials. With the help of nature,
beauty is expressed by man's hand.

i knew it! ;-)
to a different view of the same work

also in the show at Shell:
Tempus Fluit
(boy with melting ice - a photo about time)

Profaner Schönheitsdienst (Tate Modern)

- the glass cases

- my fingers in der Körperteil im Zeitalter seiner technischen Reproduzierbarkeit

- more hands in punctum from the dreamtime