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wim wiskerke vorm en foto

punctum from the dreamtime
pigment inkjet on canvas 50 x 150 cm

Coming full circle

  punctum: the direct hit

Recently I visited some sites with hand stencils (in the Grampian Mountains, Australia). The sites are considered sacred sites by the original Australians. Again I was anxious to react in some way.
As you might have seen when you came in through the front door of my site, I use my hands in my work now and then. Why? It is a strong signal; a strong gesture: hi! stop! ok! welcome! hold on! bye!
It is a way to touch someone; the other; you;
me across time and -in the case of the internet- across space. The internet may be our modern time dreamtime.
I consider stencils of hands a prehistoric form of inkjet: mostly they have been made by blowing pigments by mouth onto the rock. Using whatever there was around as a stencil.
Now Epson brought us pigment inkjet printing with their 2100; 7600 and 9600 series and I came full circle: I printed this image on canvas, using a 7600. Modern pigment inkjet!
-All colors are made by using light not photoshop ;-)

Now where does this title come from? The dreamtime is as real to aboriginal people as the internet. Or as virtual. History is still around us. And more and more I tend to agree with them. And every time I see these stencilled hands, they touch me directly. Just like in good photography something touches us. By definition in photography it is something from the past. In La Chambre Claire Roland Barthes coined the phrase punctum for that what touches us in a photo: the direct hit. He goes on with describing a photo as a perfect analogon and a message without code. An undeniable proof of the existence of what is in the picture. Now with digital photography abundunt we know better, but for the hands on the rock: I accept the evidence!
next to my polagrams
next to my fingers in my finger panorama:
der Körperteil im Zeitalter seiner technischen Reproduzierbarkeit
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About the epson printers: Epson
as with most pictures on my site this print is for sale: euro 950
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-it can be sent as a roll;
you must fix it to a
(stretcher-)frame yourself.
-this one is the first I printed

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