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wim wiskerke vorm en foto

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I teach photography in Holland at a cultural centre, and I used to tell students photograms were kids' stuff.
And yes, in the twenties Moholy-Nagy and others at the Bauhaus and later Man Ray made beautiful things and I then would show some images from books.
Sometimes I made some photograms with students in their first darkroom lesson in the absolute beginners course.

[my polagrams]

I changed my opinion after buying a beautiful picture of a feather by Polish artist/photographer Blanka Wasowicz at an auction.The most beautiful feather you have ever seen: white on a black background.
It turned out to be a photogram.
I showed it to students and made a simple photogram of my glasses to prove how easy it was.
We kept on making photograms all evening, and I've been hooked ever since, also in my art.


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