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wim wiskerke vorm en foto

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Images of hands interest me a lot. They can be found all over the world on rocks and in caves, made by people throughout the history of mankind. I have on one occasion even touched such a hand made thousands of years ago. It was not a very mystical experience, but it did feel enormously present. As if the one who had put his hand on the rock meant it to stay there for a very long time, in this way enabling us to meet him or her.
[my polagrams]

Most of these images were made by blowing (prehistoric inkjet!) earth or paint by mouth at their hands, leaving a negative image on the rock.
In the same way, the light leaves a negative on the photographic paper when I put my hand under the enlarger. In doing so I feel very much I'm standing in one of the longest (artistic?) traditions in history. In my art I use my hands sometimes simply as my hand, but mostly to form images.

As for techniques I used b&w photopaper and scanner input and inkjet output, which I think is somewhat in the same field. As is the photocopier, but I never did serious work on such machine. Since 93,now and then, I use Polaroid SX70 material to make photograms. Probably not many people, if any at all, are doing this. Off course I use the techniques I know now and that are of today to make my mark in time. As prehistoric man did or the Papua stil do. Or the people from Sulawesi in Gua Leang Leang cave where I touched the small red hand, which affected me deeply.


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