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wim wiskerke vorm en foto

Tempus Fluit
(boy with melting ice - a photo about time)

Phnom Penh 1993

80 x 120 cibachrome/dibond/perspex
euro 2500
currently at Shell, Amsterdam
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The ice is melting and so becomes translucent.
I had been looking for some meaningful use (in a picture, I mean) of the ice delivery in the city for some days, as I saw these children with their blocks of ice lingering in the street. I had found them by following the trail of droplets on the street.
The sun had already gone down and the sky still had some color, but it would be dark in ten minutes.
And I decided to make him as translucent as his ice. It was a decision I took purely because of the rhyming of the forms as we say in dutch.
As I previsualized the effect of the flash, the rhyming of the meaning hit me: the melting away would be echoed by the vanishing of the boy; of youth.
There are moments like these that everything comes together. This is why you should try to use your tools as intuitively as you use a pencil.
I now see it as significant point in my work.

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