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(in the drawer)

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I work on 35mm most of the time. And when I shoot 35mm it's mostly with Olympus. I have owned Olympus camera's since 1977.
In medium format my favourites are: my two old Bronica ECTL with 4 Nikkors. Recently I sold the polaroid back. A beautiful almost mint black holder is for sale, as I have given up the wish and hope to get me a completely black ECTL. And the wide angle SWC from Hasselblad.
My view camera is a Sinar. It's a bit of a hotchpotch of different parts, but then a view camera always is a DIY kit.
With it's 4 lenses, DB shutter, viewfinders, 3 bellows, 2 rollfilm holders, 1 polaroid holder it's a broad collection. I recently sold the metering backs and one of the polaroid backs.
Most interesting is the old Sinar case: it looks as if the hoover came in it.
But: it has hooks and loops to connect a harness. Huh? Sinar is Swiss. And everyone knows, that when the time comes, you must be able to schlepp everything to the top of the alp!

bodies in the drawer

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I generally shoot with my two OM4Ti's.
I own another OM4 and a couple of OM1's.
In the past I've used OM1's, OM2's and briefly an OM30.
I do not use a lot of lenses:
The 2.8/24 which I regard as my normal lens. It's the fourth one. I used up one. And two got stolen. It is really good.
The 2.8/35 is seldom used.
The 1.8/50 is always with me on the road because of the weight, but I do not use it a lot. I own about five. The last ones with the two prongs are the sharpest.
The 1.4/50 lies broken at the back of the drawer. It fell.
The 1.2/55 is one of my favourites. And it also is one of the first lenses I ever bought with my first OM1 in 1977 or so. I use it in the theater and when I don't want anything sharp in the distance. Lovely bokeh!
It had its front lens replaced after a serious blow. It's still of the first type 1.2's. The one that makes the Geiger counter tick! Olympus released a non radio-active 1.2/55 and a smaller 1.2/50 later.
The 2.0/85 I sometimes use for portraiture.

lenses in the drawer

The 2/90 is of course a macro, but also pretty good for portraits and in the theater.
The 2.8/100 is always in my bag along with the 24mm. I use it frequently as it is my favorite lens for tele and portraiture. This is my second 100mm; the previous one got stolen. This is a good lens. It tends to get dusty inside.
The 2.8/180 is a really beautiful lens! A bit heavy.
The 4/200 seldom comes out of the drawer. Sometimes for traffic. Also very sharp.
I still look forward to a contest between the 5/200 and the 4/200. But I do not own a 5/200 yet. (So if you have one, and want to get rid of it for a modest price...)
Mostly I take the 2x converter along. It's very expensive and big, compared to all other converters. But it has great quality with the 100mm. It fits the 200 too.
I plan to publish a direct comparison of the results of the 4/200 and the converter/100 combo.

The 4.5/300 also is areal beauty, albeit rather heavy. I mainly use it in the theater.
The 5.6/400 is Tamron and is very seldom used. Only when I travel by car, I take it occasionally, with a sturdy tripod.
The three extension rings are Vivitar. At present I usually put the shortest one in my bag.
The flash that is in my bag always is the T20 and this is the fourth. One got knocked of the camera by a client. Two got nicked. I recently bought a fifth, to be sure ;-) Also in the drawer: 2 280's, the flash that allows fill-in flash at 1/2000th sec.!
In the course of time I used up a couple of OM2's, one got stolen with a winder and a 24mm.
Two OM4's got stolen with 24; 50; 100 and converter en flash. (+ Sony radio; Bresser binoculars; etc etc.)
Here is a list of the contents of such a bag. Now as it was then.
The OM2 I retraced! But I did not want it back at that time, so I left the shop in Amsterdam alone. They are out of business now.
I do use my XA with its tiny flash sometimes. Because IMHO there is no camera more quiet. (Ok except for my digital Ixus and of course my new Olympus E-20)

The XA broke down in may. Nothing moves. I think I'll keep it as a project for the winter evenings ;-)

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the rest
Other 35 mm SLR's:
Nikon F, a beauty, nearly perfect. I use it without the viewfinder on a copy stand.
Nikkormat FT3 mint. I once started serious photography with an ftn.
Voigtländer Bessa-L with a 15 mm Heliar. I use the Bessa for some serious architecture. Wow this lens is good! I recently returned to the Bessa L: it weighs 100gr less.
Occasionally I use a Russian Horizon panorama. Like the Bessa, more or less as a toy.
As a kind of notebook there's a Samsung Slim. But recently a digital Ixus replaced it and the Slim now sits in my mothers purse. I sometimes maintain an online diary with the Ixus. The latest arrival is a digital Olympus E-20. I still have a love/hate relationship with it.
Mr Maitani would have been of great benefit for this design team! It holds well; has a good interface; but more than 690 items to learn ?! Furthermore it is very slow once you have taken the picture. And 320 iso is just not good enough.
The Leica MD is waiting for the Reprovit to be installed.
On a shelf there's a Leica III. For show. It sits next to the books of HCB. ;-)

And then there are more drawers. In there lots of stuff like: an SX70; a Diana; a Lubitel etc.
A cheap ringflash held together with tape.
Three Metz 45's.
A case full with 402's with their mecatwins, ac adapter: in early retirement.
More light: 4 Bowens mono's.
Lots of hot light.

My meter is the Minolta spotmeter F.
(From time to time I feel nostalgia for my Pentax Zone-VI spotmeter and my Lunasix F.)
A new arrival is the tiny tiny Gossen Digisix. I had hoped they would have given it the shape of a creditcard, but alas it is a sort of stopwatch now. The maximum thermo feature is great!
My stands are: two Gitzo's (one is the weird Explorer G2228) and a very heavy Vinten (it's a converted video stand) and an IFF studio stand. The simple Slik monopod with the Manfrotto monopod quick release head is in the corner now, since I bought a Manfrotto carbon mono and a small Manfrotto ballhead with quick release plate.
The other heads are a Gitzo ballhead and the Manfrotto 3d 029. The old one without the silly and clumsy safety locks.
Lamp stands mostly are Manfrotto, that is Bogen in the US. At least the ones I use most. (I used to hoard simple stands.)

The pictures on this page I made with a Philips Webcam. My silly Philips.
The most spectacular picture with this toy until now is on this Haarlem links page.
Here I took off the de lens and put the 400 Tamron in front of the tiny chip.
The first time I hooked the thing up, I could see a saddle of a bicycle parked in front of a house. But I was not aiming at a street at all. It turned out, I was looking through a house at the other side of a garden at the other side of my street. The bike was on the other side of the next street. Cool.
The first pictures at the page basics are actually scans, made with the Microtek Scanmaker X12 USL.
My 1200x2400 dpi flatbed with a 4x5" transparency unit. It's my third Microtek flatbed. The scansoftware bundled is Silverfast and ScanWizard 5. I use it with Vuescan now.
On the old parts of this site most slides have been scanned with the Microtek Scanmaker 35t plus.
A 1950 dpi filmscanner that is much sharper then you would expect from it's low resolution. I now use the Canoscan FS4000. At the moment with Ed Hamrick's Vuescan.

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