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wim wiskerke vorm en foto
free infrared [ with a digital camera ] deze pagina in het nederlands

free infrared filter: a piece of developed unexposed slide film

the test:

digital infrared the picture is blurred, because the dense filter doesn't transmit enough light for the Ixus' 100asa chip.
The green is lighter than the picture taken in BW mode.

A digital camera sees more infrared than we do. Some manufacturers do not like this and mount a infrared blocking filter in front of the chip. Checking your camera for infrared sensitivity is easy: Take a remote control; aim it at the camera and press a button. If the camera is capable of seeing infrared, the IR led will light up white in your lcd viewpanel. To our naked eyes this is impossible to see.

Hey this a great way to check the battery of your remote!

This again is an example of learning by playing. Use every camera you have; and use it as a toy!

ordinary black and white the green of the leaves is relatively dark.

I found this filter myself, but I wasn't the first one, as usual. With a really good idea you are seldom alone.
Furthermore I had no idea what I was looking at. I did not think of infrared at all, until I I noticed these lighter leaves. Andrew Davidhazy, of RIT, of course saw it years ago.
Read his article on an improvised IR filter .
Be sure to take a look at the rest of the vast site of this playful mind.

the color original

and this is the other tree in front of my house: a red acer

with the slide in front of the lens
and auto levels in a photo program