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wim wiskerke vorm en foto
  a fingers panorama
A camera can look at you as a puppy: let's go out and play?
Ok let's play!

I regularly depict my hand in my art. On this site: the frontpage; the polagrams ; the stencil wall
This is one of the examples from the new Sony site: Sonystyle Club

Alles over panoramasoftware (inclusief allerlei downloads): panoguide

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Why is it fun? How was it done?
It is fun because it is totally unexpected and it looks funny. Look: instant dancing fingers. I find instant also very attractive ;-) It's also fun because I abuse a program to do something it's not designed for ;-)
It uses the normal function of any panorama stitching program. A stitching program will look for a part of one picture that is more or less like another part in another picture and it will stitch these together. Some programs will do this horizontally only. I'm not sure if programs that allow non horizontal stitching are better or not. Certainly they are more fun! This will not help you if you want a perfect pano of your building. On the other hand: if you use a tripod, set level, everything is easy and no panorama program will have any trouble producing a nice linear picture.
This one is done with pictures of my own fingers. Three at a time, the stitchin algoritme will match finger 3 and 1 (of the following picture).
Every repeating object will produce some string. A fence; buildings; row of books, everything can become unendless. Make it into a QTVR and you can spin it with no end.
I used a small digital camera, but it will work with all digitized photo's.

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