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- I was born in 1954 in amsterdam
- went to gymnasium (grammar school) in amsterdam, utrecht and bilthoven
- to university in utrecht in 1973 - literature and masscommunication
- had a brief career in marketing, mainly for nonprofit organizations

- while a student, I started filming, screenprinting and took courses in graphic design.
- eventually I went to art school in 1979 and did graphic design and photography.
- as a student I worked for the famous Canon Photo Gallery in Amsterdam and was the assistent to the assistent of some really famous photographers.
- I never started working as a photographer officially, it more or less came out as my main activity.
- occasionally I do some graphic design, sometimes I design a workshop, which gives me the chance to combine my interest in architecture and ergonomics. I did some darkrooms and graphic workshops.
- While still on art school I started organizing and designing art exhibitions and I still do. Sometimes as a curator, sometimes only as a designer. This again lets me combine architecture with my interest in modern art.
- With my photographic work I took part in some group exhibitions and I had some one man shows. But when the internet started opening up in 1996, I focused entirely on the web.
For the first time in 4 or 5 years I have a major exhibition this year. And I have no clue yet as what I am going to show.
Since 1990 I teach photography. With my students I have group exhibitions once or twice a year.

I have been travelling ever since I can remember.
Most of Europe I toured by bicycle and later by car and public transport. I love Asia: I visited Thailand; Malaysia; Singapore; Indonesia; Vietnam; Laos; Cambodia and Myanmar.
And I love the big cities Amsterdam (the smallest big city), Bangkok and New York.

My commercial photography is rather divers: transport; architecture; travel; portraits; annual reports.
I prefer the new to the old; the unique to the mass; the experiment to routine.
And I love to do something I have not done before. If you like your career laid out, then do not follow my example.
Oh, did I mention yet I build my own house? Well I try to.

I'm sorry, this is not my webcam

My horoscope says:
What a day!
You were born on a Sunday.
In Burmese astrology, your cosmic sign is the sun and you are considered a miserly person.

My Chinese horoscope:
You were born in the Year of the Horse, according to the Chinese horoscope. Horses are playful characters who like to be the center of attention. They are born to wander, and their zest for life makes them energetic lovers. (But they should be careful of falling in love too easily!)


2003 Shell Amsterdam
2002 Verweyhal Haarlem
1999 Noorderlicht, Niggendijker, Groningen
1997 Grafisch Atelier Haarlem
1995 Centraal Archief Gerechtelijke Dienst Amsterdam
(permanent Installation)
1994 Bouwmans, Imthorn en Vermaat, Amsterdam
1994 Vleeshal, Haarlem
1993 Grafisch Atelier Haarlem
1993 Aa-kerk, Groningen
1992 Grafisch Atelier Haarlem
1992 Rechtbank, Alkmaar
1991 De Moor, Amsterdam
1990 Vleeshal, Haarlem
1990 De Moor, Amsterdam
1990 Vanmail, Haarlem
1989 Rijksmuseum Twente, Enschede
1988 Rheinisches Landesmuseum, Bonn
1988 Ecole Nationale de la Photographie, Arles
1988 Noordbrabantse Kunststichting, Oirschot
1986 De Moor, Amsterdam
1986 De Villa, Enschede

works in private, corporate and government collections.

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my life on the web

I’m featured artist on one of the many Sony websites since 2001: the digital camera one: Sonystyle.

I was in E-zine the New Nexus in 2001

In 2001 one of my first ever digital photo’s was linked to from the weblog of dutch internet guru Francisco van Jole and I got my first hit record (pun intended)

In 2000 my site was Site Coup du Coeur of the french Guide des Photographes ITIS

Nowadays my site is of course referred to on many many portals and linked to from many places on the net.
Thank you, all webmasters m/f !)



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