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on loan or for rent
Can you use one of my photo's on your site? - Sure you can!

Now you weren't expecting this, were you? Like that? Free? No fee? Well almost.
On a personal, non commercial website you are allowed to use a couple of my photo's. No fee.
The photo's must always have a caption that reads: copyright Wim Wiskerke or: © Wim Wiskerke.
You are not allowed to use a photo without my permission. You must ask me first.
You 'pay' by linking the photo to my site, or by placing a decent link on your page to my site.
This link must remain active as long as the photo is visible on your page.
You are not allowed to use my photo's on a site, or link my photo's to a site, with pornographic, racist, fascist, or just gory content.
And I am the sole judge of that.

For use on a commercial website the rates are similar to the rates for print. Only somewhat more complicated.
So I have a super special offer: Each new, first time contract:
per photo; per site; per 6 months (at a minimum of 6 months): euro 75,- ex VAT.
This is ridiculously cheap. It's even just a fraction of a normal print fee.
Don't I know that a normal fee could be twenty times that figure? Yes I told you it's a super offer.
But it is valid for a limited time only! It expires on january 1st 2004 !

For all use without my permission the rates and penalty's of the fotografenfederatie apply.
(The rates of the fotografenfederatie are the dutch equivalent of the Pickerell or the PhotoQuote pricing schedules.)
Conditions are here. (Dutch only at present.) For use of my pictures these rates of the fotografenfederatie apply.
Interested? send me a mail
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