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to my photo ikebana

het touwtjesstatief - the string tripod
artwork can be serious DIY too ;-)
- so in this column there are some links to my artwork -
The simplest DIY photo project is pinhole photography. Kids, adults, artists (combining the two), all love it.
Building your own camera (or adapting an existing one) is VERY simple. Some pinhole camera builders move on to things even greater and bigger.

Pinhole: Another World - van Eric Renner en Nancy Spencer. They started the pinhole revival single-handedly. The introduction in taking pictures through a hole. classic
Pinhole Photography - History, Images, Cameras, Formulas. - Jon Grepstad. (see below also for his camera builders faq etc etc.) classic
HandMade Photographic Images -George L Smyth. Infrared, pinhole, and alternative process photographic images and articles. Includes:
The Pinhole FAQ - Larry Bullis, Tom Lindsay, Guillermo Peñate.
Argonauta - Clint O'Connor. Pinhole's, Holga modifications, Holga pinhole, 6x16 pano pinhole, zone-plate.
Making pinhole cameras and exposure guides - Byron James Bignell. He maintains a large pinhole gallery on his site.
Coffee Can pinhole camera - Ed Buffaloe. Simple camera.

Beyond the hole: the lens. Large Format camera's etc.

4" x 5", 8" x 10" and other cameras - Doug Bardell. Projects that I have plans for, $ 10/ $ 15 each :
Bracket panoramic (vertical) 35mm Nikon; enlarger 12x12 Field camera; 4x5 double extension, triple extension; field camera 6x9 double extension, field camera 8x10 double extension w/slide; film loader 35mm bulk; film washer 35 - 120; film washer 4x5; monorail 6x9; 6x17; mounting press; panoramic camera 6x12; 6x17; pinhole camera 6x7 90' internal shutter; pinhole camera 6x7 120'; pinhole camera 6x9 65'; 6x9 80'; 6x9 100'; 6x9 120'; 6x17 120'; 6x17 135'; 6x17 140'; pinhole camera 4x10 paper negative 100'; 8x10 paper negative 100'; 8x20 paper negative 100'; print easel for 8x10 and 8x20"(panoramic); print washer 8x10"; roll film back (removable insert); safe light test; shutter mechanical B - 1/25; tripod head double axis 4x5-8x10. - How to grind ground glass. DIY bellows! DHZ balgen! Hoe maak je matglas.
An Interesting Distance Meter - Edward J. Ramaley: a simple distance meter, or rangefinder. As stated in the article, "It costs nothing, and may be made in half an hour, but when used with due care, it transforms a fine pair of eyes into a good distance gage that needs no apology." [Originally published in "American Photography", February 1939. Now at the site of Don Fleming.
Also at Don Fleming's site: the DofMaster. Depth of field scales are elegant tools for quickly and easily calculating depth of field and hyperfocal distance. Unfortunately, lens manufacturers don't engrave scales on lenses anymore. Now you can use DOFMaster to make your own scales.
Build your own lens. Claudio Bonavolta.
It's possible to build a simple lens with very few elements.
He also has a films dryer. Unfortunately he made the same mistake I did: he built it with the heater on top instead of at bottom. A good light table and a nice sink in a well laid out darkroom, all with some good equipment. Note the filter unit. And check his paper washer!
The formicula 18x24 - Rudolf Mittelmann. Large-Format Camera Construction. This is my home-built view camera, a monorail construction with full adjustment capability. It is rock solid, but not too heavy to be carried around.
Home Buil
t 8x10 Monorail Large Format Camera - Phil McCourt. - I have found that making a camera is a process of failures to get to an end product that will do what you want it to do. If you try to make the perfect camera the first
time, chances are it will never get done.
Rhoades' 4x5 Cameras - Daniel Rhoades. This site is to show how I built my 4X5 camera and hopefully help you to build one as well. I built everything on this system, from the body to the ground glass to the bellows. I am currently working on my second camera and have plans for a 4X5 enlarger. The future may even hold a hand built tripod. - He has a good bellows making instruction.
Mikoneka Wooden 4x5 View Camera - Mikko Oksalahti. - My obsession to achieve razor sharp black and white images with grainless tones finally got to me and I decided to get myself a 4x5 view camera. Browsing the web for new and used view cameras made me realize I was soon to part with a considerable amount of money.- So he built one himself.
View Camera Construction Plans - James Vail (see also the ultimate diy project near the bottom of this page)
An 8x10 and a refurbished Speed, with lots of drawings. Also: pages absolutely packed with data on film; filters; b&w; paper; exposure etc.
The Hobo - the Hobo started out as a diy project, but is now selling at $ 600 and up.
4x 5 inch, scale focusing, millennium proof,
point & shoot camera. - Julian Oliver Bell. More or less inspired by the Hobo. Without the expense of buying a rack and pinion system, a helix or a lathe, I have made a scale focusing system (and the rest of the camera) out of stuff bought basically out of the local hardware store or hobby shop.
Check out his pinhole camera's made from a scanner box and a hp deskjet box ;-)
Hoovercam - Georg Holderied. Large Format the cheap way. I have built a large format camera out of a cardboard box as a means to assess coverage of some lenses I had bought. The resulting images are better than I expected.
Check out his SX70 hackers guide (see below)
4"x5" view camera and enlarger - Fabio Quadarella. Two 4"x5" view cameras and one camera-enlarger system, completely handbuilt by myself. My favourite hobbies are desining and making wooden field cameras.
Designing and Building a View Camera - John Grepstadt is the web nestor of the view camera builders. he maintains the View Camera Builders FAQ and the Large Format Mailing List, among others. Also on his site: a doorviewer 180 degree fish-eye 110 camera. A lightbox
Bender Photographic - The Bender DIY view camera FAQ.
Fuerbringer's 612 wide camera - just a picture
G. Carboni built himself a very nice swing lens panorama camera using a 75mm Tessar from a Rolleiflex. Extensive instruction.



Home Built 360 Degree Field of View Panorama Cameras - Lars Larsen. Why spend thousands of dollars to buy a panorama camera when you can build one at home?
Stepper Motor - David Grenewetzki. To automate the panorama process with the DC20 camera, I designed and built a small machine The camera turns 45 degrees and takes a photo. This is repeated until eight pictures have been taken to cover the full 360 degrees.
Not a Roundshot but it cost a lot less.
- Graham Brown. Nikon 20mm lens, gears from a dead processing machine, motor from a toy truck.(Earlier attempts.) Recent one: roller drive camera with 40mm & 80mm Hasselblad lenses.
Panoramic enlarger - Alan Zinn van de Lookaround diy 360 panorama camera a $600 kit.

shooting gallery  (schiettent)

to my photo ikebana
  • Most of the alternative processes are DIY by nature.

    A hilarious one:
    Make Your Own Shroud of Turin - Fake? Fact? Photograph? - Joe Nickell, Popular Photography,November 1979, Volume 85, Number 5, p. 97.) This one is easy!
    Blueprints (Cyanotypes) - Wendy Mukluk. Part of a good site with some pinhole and more. The Turin Shroud article is on her site too.
    The Alternative Photographic Process FAQ - Gordon J. Holtslander. The purpose of this FAQ is to introduce the novice to the field of alternative photographic processes. Alternative photographic processes are usually considered to be any photographic process that does not use the methods and technology of current silver -gelatin materials.
    Fotogrammen maken - Jeannette Schols.


to some of my hands
With digital camera's a lot of the old tricks are easier than ever. What you see is what you get!
But also a lot of things we take for granted on a conventional camera, like a thread to screw your filter in or a connector for your cable release, are missing on the small digitals.

Photographic Projects - Gene F. Rhodes. On his site he shows a wide range of diy projects: White LED Ring Light; Macro Ring Light; 3D Microscope ring light; Ring Flash Substitute ; Fluorescent Ring Light; Light Box; Flash/Fisheye; iridoscope; Pinhole; several 35 mm panorama cameras. Macro-projects; panorama projects; orthographic projects.
Lots of adapters and supports for the Coolpix 900/950; a cable release; a rotating plate panorama adapter; panorama bracket; swing flash bracket; lcd-viewer, cut from a Rubbermaid drawer organizer;
The Gadget Meister - Al Jacobson. "I never met a gadget I didn't like. And I never had one I didn't try to change". (I know it sounds like me, but it is not me.) The Improved Jacobs Battery Pack; chargers; brackets.
Meer mogelijkheden met de digitale camera - Monte Gardenier. Gebruik een telescoop, verrekijker, vergrootglas en spiegels om andere foto's met je digitale camera te maken.
Coolpix 950 Accessories - Denny Cannon. Astro pictures using Nikon CP 950/C-8: mount the coolpix on a telescope. A cable release. A simple but effective way to copy slides and negatives with the CP 950. Build a lcd viewer from a Titralac Antacid bottle and a travel-size Johnson's Baby Powder bottle. Yea, I know it looks like a Klingon Starship. ;-) Nice and simple stuff, all adaptable to other camera's.
Aluminum deflectors for the CP950 - Bryan D. K. Biggers. They are very light, and press fit to the CP950. Moderate the effects of the CP950 flash, the overexposure problem on close shots, and the red eye problem. Adaptable to other camera's. Also: tips on how to use an external (or internal) flash.
Coolpix + Metz - Juri Munkki (from Cameraid) - Coolpix 950 connected to a Metz Mecablitz 40 MZ-3i with an AS-E900 and a modified Stitz bracket.
Shutter Release Bracket -
David Coles. Made for the Coolpix, this fits most digitals.
Cable release connector for digital camera - Many times when you using tripod you need to push shutter without shaking the camera. In professional cameras there is a mechanical or electrical connector for plug-in cable release. Unfortunately many digital cameras (even they cost as much as the 35 mm Pro) have no way to add such remote shutter.
We decided to build a simple add-on device for the cable release for Canon S10. Using the same idea you can build similar one for almost any camera.
Cheap Tricks - Bob Reurink. Het touwtjesstatief komt hier weer op voor. Verder fish-eye via een kerstbal; het bonenzakje; de verrekijker; ademen op je lens als softfocus; en je kan ook vaseline op je lens smeren voor hetzelfde. Hm, terechte naam.
Sam's webcam cookbook - Webcasting is easy. The Webcam Cookbook will show you how. All you need is a camera and a computer. We'll explain how to set up a webcam for stills or video, how to teleconference and how to connect your webcam to a cellphone. Broadband wireless, panoramics and 3D are also covered. Think of the possibilities. You could mount a web cam on a bike, transmitting images via cell phone.
GL-Cam - Airborne Photoreconnaisance on a Budget - Dr. Bradford B. Behr. Ever got an Airtek Pencam for a present? They are not worthless at all: you can make it fly! Nice movies.
Astrocam is a site in french and english totally devoted to hack webcams to hook them up to telescopes. Digital camera's for pennies! I went that route myself within a day of buying my first webcam. The result is still here.
Matthias Wandel used a flatbed scanner for a camera. He also builds Lego or marble machines! Have a look on a rainy afternoon! Beware of cannon experiments. He started in 1985: Primitive Commodore 64 drum scanner and a -pin dot matrix printer (1986)
. Wow!
Matthias Wandel
has a brother: Markus... Who built his own shutter tester. - No schematics, as it's a pretty trivial circuit, I just made it up as I went. That sort of guy ;-)
Their story about the saw mills is pretty impressive as well. And the story about the tunnels at Matthias' site, I can totally relate to that!


click here: to my fingers dancing
  • RIT - many articles and projects of the Rochester Institute of Technology in Kodak City. Famous for their experiments with everything with a lens. They hack scanners, camera's, copiers. Everything about making pictures of bullets.
    - vele artikelen en beschrijvingen van cursussen en projecten van het Rochester Institute of Technology in Kodak City. Vooral beroemd om de experimenten met alles waar een lens op zit. Ze hacken scanners en camera's. Alles over flitsen om kogels e.d. te fotograferen. Classic. Zeer aangeraden.
    High-Speed Flash Photography For Amateur Photographers - Loren M. Winters. Here also the technique for firing your flash with a tape recorder.
    - Hier is ook te vinden hoe je een recorder gebruikt om je flits te ontsteken.
    High Speed Photography - Andrew Davidhazy. classic
    Don's Lighting Info Center - Don Klipstein. Lots of information related to many forms of lighting.
    Basic and advanced theory, and other wisdom including troubleshooting and repair hints. Info on incandescent, halogen, fluorescent, compact-fluorescent, and also HID lamps such as mercury, metal halide, high pressure sodium, and short arc lamps; neon, low-pressure-sodium, oddballs such as green neon lamps; various UV lamps and carbon arcs. Build or hack your strobes. Lots of circuitry. On the same site is:
    Sam's Strobe FAQ - Samuel M. Goldwasser. Notes on the Troubleshooting and Repair of Electronic Flash Units and Strobe Lights.

    shutterspeedtester - Sebastian Laiblin. Wie man mit einer Soundkarte und einer 5,-DM-Schaltung Verschlusszeiten misst. How to measur shutter-speed with your soundcard and a $3-wiring. duits en engels.
    Measurement of Camera Shutter Speeds Using Household* Equipment. Another one.
    (*) Note: "household" is defined herein to include a computer with a sound card and a Radio Shack nearby. J. Cunningham. (Off line?)
    Trade secrets of camera repair
    - Ed Romney. Manuals and repair manuals, mostly reprints. Courses in camera repair. Some tips online.
    Back Foam Installation Guide - What is the state of the foam in your classical camera? Has the light trap foam undergone that unique transmutation to black goo? Here is some more advice.
    Camera Repair Faq - begun by Michael Covington, now by R. Lee Hawkins, it deals mainly with Olympus, but it has general chapters also. Renew back foam; remove fungus. How can I modify my camera to use 1.55-volt silver oxide batteries instead of 1.35-volt mercury batteries?
    Diagnosing and fixing light leaks - Q.-Tuan Luong for the Large Format Page. Some photographers (like me) are plagued by these problems, which are among the worse frustrations of LF. Some have never experienced them. There are zillions of different sources of light leaks. How to find them and what to do about them.
    Making a DOF calculator for your camera
    - Masayoshi Hayashi for The Large Format Page. How to make a Sinar-style DOF calculator for your large format camera. One actual example for a geared focus knob on the Arca Swiss F-line Classic 4x5 is worked out for your reference. The step-by-step instructions which follow can be applied to any camera.
    The Hacker's Guide to the Polaroid SX70 - Georg Holderied. The SX-70 is one of the most sophisticated consumer articles ever made. It is the down to earth equivalent of the Hubble space-telescope.The SX-70 is not a Leica, it is neither expensive nor rare. Pinhole with polaroid; aperture control with studio strobes; double exposures.
    Holga DIY - John Yeo. Tripod mount. Bulb/Time shutter
    . Where is John?
    Michael Quack - Diverse Tutorials - Duits en engels. Pagina over het gebruik van de bouwlamp in de studio. The use of tungsten halogen in the studio.
    Hack the Pizza Wheels - The Stock Solution. Removing the Ejection Rollers (Pizza Wheels) on Epson Printers.
    How to build a simple/less simple telescope - G. Carboni. The fun science site - home of the amateur scientist. Further: a stereoscope; a stereo microscope using an old zoom lens and an old pair of binoculars: a stereo-zoom microscope is a stereoscopic microscope in which the variation of magnification is continuous.

  • In Kite Aerial Photography they all tinker a lot. All grandchildren of Arthur Batut, the french inventor from Labruguière.

    KAP Kite Aerial Photography - van Charles C. Benton. Kite aerial photography involves an interesting blend of mechanical and electrical components ranging from kites to cameras and remote-control radios. It is definitely an activity suited to those that like to "putter" with things. On the other hand, a KAP rig can be designed using components purchased off the shelf and assembled with a minimum of fuss. Aangeraden
    The Nasa Kite Project - Brooks Leffler. Low cost DIY rig with good manual and sample pictures.
    Kite Aerial Photography - Simon Harbord. A micro KAP system; 3D; robotic KAP, using Lego mindstorms. He used to fly a helium blimp and has some good notes about that.
    Airborne System - David Grenewetzki. Not a Kite. But an A.R.F. almost ready to fly Thunder Tiger Windstar glider with a Cox .049 engine mounted in a pod above the wing. I selected the unused throttle channel of my radio to control the camera while two other channels were used to control rudder and elevator. The picture taking process is all electronic - no mechanical servos were kludged to "press" the shutter release. This site also features a photo gallery showcasing the best in remote controlled photography from airplanes, gliders, helicopters, rockets, robots, hovercraft, and kites.



Het touwtjesstatief - Wim Wiskerke
A string for a tripod - Wim Wiskerke
De gratis fuji omnibounce ;-) - Wim Wiskerke. Voor kleine digitale en zoekercamera's. Free 'fuji omnibounce' ;-) for small digital and point-and-shoot camera's.
Goedkope Schneider loep - Wim Wiskerke. Alweer een leeg fuji filmdoosje, nu met een Schneider vergrotings lens van f 25,-
Cheap Schneider loupe - Wim Wiskerke. A $10 Schneider enlarger lens on an empty fuji film can.
Gratis infrarood met een digitale camera - Wim Wiskerke
Free infrared with a digital camera - Wim Wiskerke
Hoe stabiliseer ik een lichtgewicht statief? - Wim Wiskerke
How do I stabilize my lightweight tripod? - Wim Wiskerke
Een Metz 45 batterijhouder aanpassen voor NiMh accu's- Wim Wiskerke
Adapting a Metz 45 battery holder for NiMh's - Wim Wiskerke
Hack de OM4 synchro! - Wim Wiskerke. Mijn Olympus Om4-ti kan alleen maar flitsen bij de flitssynchronisatie tijd van 1/60. Wat kan ik daar aan doen?
Hack the OM synchro! Wim Wiskerke. My Olympus Om4-ti can only flash at the synchro time of 1/60. What can I do about that?
More Olympus hacks - Lars Haven: winder #1 to #2; reverse engineering the OM terminals; modifying screens #2 to fit #1
Make your own remote control for Canon EOS Elan - Chantal Currid
Computer Controlled EOS Shutter - Daniel M. Germán. Your EOS can be controlled by the computer. If you have built your own EOS remote shutter then this project is for you. This device connects to the parallel port.
Lens cap on a string - Tyson "Smoothy" H. Never loose the coolpix' lens cap again.
How to Make a $30 Schneider Loupe - Warren Young.
Echte Makroaufnahmen mit dem Telezoom - Das gibt's doch gar nicht? Von Klaus Henkel. Gebruik je zoom achterstevoren! Slim! German, duits.

The Merlin Stick - Mike Graham. Flash is forbidden and tripods get confiscated on sight? Try the Walking Stick Monopod, aka "Merlin Stick". Mike dedicated long hours to finding ways of bending silly rules aimed at preventing him from getting his photos. He fitted an ordinary stick with a small ball head.
(Maybe you can do the same with a white stick with red bands: people may even offer to take your pictures for you ;-))


hack de OM4 synchro

DarkroomSource is dedicated to photography darkrooms, with over 100 articles about building darkrooms and accessories, and darkroom techniques. Classic. Aangeraden.
Wat is er nodig om thuis af te drukken? - Wim Wiskerke. Een badkamer, een ruim toilet, de logeerkamer of een kelderkast: een donkere kamer kan bijna overal ingericht worden. Een lijstje met alle basics.
Aligning your enlarger - lijn je vergroter uit met behulp van twee spiegels.
Safety - Is your Darkroom Safe. Gezondheid en veiligheid in de doka.
The Bulk Loading FAQ by Josh Wand. Wat is bulk loading? Kopen en verwerken van film per meter.

Scanning MF Film Using 35mm Scanners - Helmut Dersch - Middenformaat scannen in 35mm scanners.


  • Designing a Course - Basisregel voor een cursus of lezing. Philip Greenspun
    Andrew Davidhazy - Course Evaluation Summary Report 1998-1999 - Een mooi voorbeeld van een docent die zijn beroep serieus neemt. Hij onderhoudt de enorme site van het RIT.

    Where to buy lenses and stuff:
    EdmundsScientifics is more a toys; novelties and gadgets store, but has some nice things. A bit like Nature et Découverte or Discovery World
    American Science & Surplus Warehouse looks promising. Has lots of lenses.
    Conrad is more about everything electric, and has some nice stuff in kits. Lots of batteries. It is in german or dutch. (They used to have some shops in Holland.) Conrad is like Radio Shack, but german i.e. more; bigger; better!
    Fargo Enterprises / Micro-Tools - for all camera tools, spanners, tweezers, lens suction cups; leather; adhesives; batteries, but even lathes. They also have a german branch. And now seem to accept orders in about 7 languages.
    Steve K Grimes - Twenty-five years experience with cameras, lenses and shutters: Steve Grimes & Co. provide specific solutions: Accessories, Repairs, Custom machining and Modifications. We enjoy a challenge!
    If you just look at the men and their machines, you know it's true!
    Woods Electronics Inc. manufactures the Shutter-Beam and the ADDjust A Sec., photographic equipment that uses infra-red beam and sound triggering to photograph high speed subjects. They are also in the beginning stages of producing High Speed Strobes. They have a nice how to page about IR and sound triggering


    The ultimate DIY project: How to Open and Operate a Photography Business - James Vail. It's a book in pdf format.
    - I have written a sizable book on running a photography business that is to be a stand alone guide to the photographic professional at any level. A tremendous amount of research has gone into this 90 page manuscript but if anyone is helped by it, my effort is repaid. I tried to include all facets of the business from taxes and finance to invoice forms.

Film on paper.
The lighting setup for this one consists of two slide projectors.
Slide mounts with small scraps of Lee filter produce every color you ever wanted.

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