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fitting a metz 45 with
NiMh batteries
a small modification of the Metz 45 battery holder

The battery holder of the Metz 45 uses two different contacts from the holder for the rechargeables.
There is no replacement holder for rechargeables. There is of course the complete replacement rechargeable battery pack. It is NiCad. These packs do not have eternal life. There comes a moment you want to replace it. It costs about euro 75 and is still Nicad not NiMh's. Now an option would be to replace the NiCads for NiMh cells. But you would still be left with the totally inadequate charger.
A better option: use the holder for normal batteries, not rechargeables, but load it with NiMh's. You can now use these in a good charger like the Ansmann Powerline 4.
Iit comes to mind to use the other contact. It is not much faster. I did expect it to be faster, but this is hardly the case. But I reckon the flash gun will function better with this modififation.
The pictures tell the story:
I cut a small strip of metal. Folded it in the shape you see in the picture. It now connects the old contact from underneath, directly to the unused contact hole. The regular contact must be isolated very well with some tape.

I do not know if Metz will approve ;-). If you convert your holder in this fashion, you obviously do so on your own risk. In general flashguns are no toys: the currents from the flash condensator can be large enough to kill you.


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