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free fuji omnibounce ;-)

This is one of my favourite tips and tricks: it is the best solution thinkable; and it's quick and free!
A lot of the build-in flashes are too strong in close up situations. This is true even for most SLR's, but these will not normally allow you to focus within 4 to 8 inches from your subject. With a lot of digital camera's this is no problem at all.
Try it. Now sometimes the light is too strong, sometimes just plain ugly.
Here is my solution: take an empty Fuji film can.
Hold the can in front of the flash. Make sure it is not included in your image.
With some camera's you have to give the can two cuts, to make it fit better. You get the best results, when you hold the can under a nice angle over the corner of the camera, where the flash sits.
Move your mouse over the film can, to see the flash.


met fuji omnibounce

'fuji omnibounce' of course is a little joke.
Fuji is -of course- a trade mark of FujiFilm (I mostly use Fuji film, most of all lovely, quirky, Velvia. This is why I have the film cans in abundance.)
Omnibounce -of course- is a trademark of Sto-fen Products (I am a happy user of the Omnibounce for my Metz 45, that is where I had the idea from.)