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photo speak
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It is all Greek to you? You're right! Photoon means light in Greek. and graphein is writing or painting.
Some claim that
John Herschel coined the term photography (writing or painting with light) in 1839 or '40 others think Niepce or his brother already used the word in one of their letters in the 1820-ies.
- Herschel of course is the true inventor of photography, as we know it, because he invented the fixer. (imho)


glossaries - woordenlijsten

Photo Crack woordenlijst van het goede nederlandse E-zine Photo Crack. dutch, nederlands
- (Hier is ook een alfabet, maar dat is de inhoudsopgave van de site.)

KODAK Glossary of Photographic Terms english.
Nikonians Photography Glossary - Doug Dever english
Profotos Reference Desk Photo Glossary english
The Big Glossary - photographic terms & definitions - Leo Foo of the Photography in Malaysia site. english
Glossary - Photo Resource english
Fotografie ABC - Horst Saak-Winkelmann. deutsch, german
Foto-net - Franz-Manfred Schüngel. Mehr Nachschlagewerk als Wörterliste. More like a faq or small encyclopedia. Illustrated; deutsch, german.

Pixelfoto nomenclature: (no-men-kla-chor) n. 1.A set or system of names or terms, as those used in a particular science or art. 2.The names or terms forming a set or system. Knowing what to call things and what the words mean is half the battle to achieving understanding. - W. Morgan Rockhill.
Photography / Imaging Glossary - Mark Forget of Digital Exposure.
Abécédaire du numérique par la Documentation française département de la Photographie, à compléter..
Glossaire - Megapixel. Illustrée. Francais
Le glossaire photo - Mis au Point. Illustrée. Francais.
Glossaire - Itis photo. Francais
En quelques mots - Kodak France
Lexique - Yves Deton. Belgique, francais.
Photographie, techniques de base - Glossaire - Roger Morin. Small, francais.
Japanese Photo Dictionary - Yomiuri Shimbun Osaka
Fotoleksikon - Norwegian: FOTO dot NO.
Glossary of Photo Terms - Jim Coe. Small but illustrated.
A to Z of Photographic Terminology. This site is mainly for my Photographic Students at the North Highland College, Thurso, Caithness, Scotland.
Glossary of PhotographyREVIEW - John Shafer
Pacific Rim Camera Glossary of Terms. - Mike Otto. This is a list of terms I use in describing cameras. Small. - Bumps, or "Zeiss bumps"
Bumps seen under leather covering.
Photomag Glossary. Get to grips with photographic lingo courtesy of Photomag
Short Course Digital Glossary - Dennis Curtin.
Silverlight glossary - Alistair Houston: kettle - Invaluable piece of equipment when its all going wrong. Use to make tea or coffee to accompany quantities of chocolate. (Silverlight is in the UK)
York Photo Labs Photography Glossary
Masters of Photography Glossary
Glossary of Photography Terms - Mark S. McKenzie
Glossary of Terms - A partial list of photographic definitions. Very small.


Steve's Digicam Glossary - This (always changing) document can help those new to the world of digicams understand some of the abbreviations and terms used when describing digital cameras and the computer-based digital darkroom. These terms can be particularly confusing because you are dealing with digital cameras, photography and computer technology at the same time.
Glossary of Digital Photography Terms - Department of Surgery at the Duke University Medical Center, Durham, N.C.
Digital Imaging Glossary of Terms. Signature Color.

Glossary of Flash Terms by Bron/Visatec. Small but useful.
Aerial Data Systems glossary aerial photography etc.What's a high-tech industry without high-falutin' words? Zoom in here to get the low-down on the jargon.
Stereo Photography Terms - Steve Berezin
3D Photo Glossary - Jeffrey L. Cooper.
Glossary of Terms in Black and White Photography - John Collett
Definitions of common photographic terms - 19th C photographic processes - William L. Clements Library
Collectors Guide glossary. Some words to help you look differently at photography.
Under Water photography glossary - DIVER Magazine is the premier diving magazine in Canada
Laborlexikon - Adrian Bircher. Swiss photo magazine Foto online.
A glossary of common printing terms the Light Room. Printing lab terms.
Darkroom Online glossary is meant to cover many of the terms you will encounter in darkroom work and photography. Lots of products covered.


bi-lingual dictionaries - woordenboeken of tweetalige woordenlijsten

Phictionary - Martin Trautmann
- A dictionary of photographic terms ; ein Wörterbuch photographischer Begriffe. English - German - Italiano. Martin also maintains a bicycle dictionary; you guessed it: the Bictionary (I knew that one)
Contax Users DE - Fotografisches Wörterbuch English-German / Deutsch-Englisch
Dizionario Italiano - Inglese - from the Italian photo magazine Reflex
Dictionary English - Italian - from Reflex
English - Chinese Photo Dictionary - F. H. Tong's Studio, Net Photo Club, Hong Kong's first
photo club on the Internet.
- Boris Nienke. Die kleine Hilfe für den Fotofreund... Englisch - Deutsch
English -> German / Deutsch <-> Englisch LEO - Link Everything Online; Informatik der Technischen Universität München -This dictionary contains 263646 entries! Technical dictionary, containing a lot of photographical topics.
Grand Dictionnaire Terminologique - francais - Canadian, anglais / english - french. Les termes de jargon informatique, "internétique", photographique, etc, sont rassemblés dans le Grand Dictionnaire Terminologique édité à l'initiative du gouvernement canadien, et qui comprend plus de trois millions de termes français et anglais. Autant savoir...
Photo glossary / Glossaire de la photo - +900 mots concernant la photographie de l'anglais vers le françaiset vice versa. - John Trollope (where did his site go?)

other fields (other than photography, but adjacent; sometimes including photographic terms)

Glossary of Film Terms - Black and White film factory.
Northern Micrographics: Glossary of Imaging Terms.
Photonics Dictionary If you need to know the meaning of a word in our technology, you can find it here!
Dizionario Termini Cinematografici italiano - inglese / english - italiano. Oltre 10000 termini ed espressioni in uso nell'industria cinematografica e televisiva, tradotti e spiegati in italiano.
Glossaire du CCVAF - Film; Video; Multimedia; Camera. Ciné-club de Fribourg. English - Francais.
Biggest Theatre Glossary on the Web - Jon Primrose. Over 800 terms.
ArtLex - Michael Delahunt. You will find definitions of more than 3,100 terms used in visual culture, along with thousands of images, pronunciation notes, great quotations and cross-references. The name ArtLex comes from art lexicon. A lexicon is a list of words or a dictionary.
Lighting Design Knowledgebase Glossary - Georg Mischler. Lighting Design and Simulation Terminology. This glossary combines terms that are used in architectural lighting design and lighting simulation. The interdisciplinary nature of the work of the lighting designer is reflected in terms originating in architecture, radiometry, photometry, colorimetry, metereology, physiology, psychology, mathematics, geometry and computer graphics.
SiteLighting Glossary - Come across a lighting word you are'nt sure of? Completely new to the world of lighting? We feel your pain! Here you will find a collection of terms and concepts that should help to make your life easier.
Philips Lighting Glossary
Glossary of Lighting Terminology - Lithonia Lighting is North America's largest manufacturer of lighting equipment for commercial, industrial, outdoor and residential applications.

Geek’s Glossary of Photographic Terms - humor: Glossary. - A factory that adds a highly reflective surface to photographic prints.

Onelook - A search engine for 700+ dictionaries, glossaries and lexicons.

The List of Language Lists - Michael Everson. He maintains a list of mailing lists devoted primarily to the linguistic study of individual languages and groups of languages.


My native tongue is dutch and not chinese, japanese, german, french, italian or english - ah you guessed that - so if I made any mistake, or missed, or misspelled something completely, please let me know. You can mail me here:


De betekenis van de woorden cookie; flag; gobo en scrim.

Deze pagina is het gevolg van een kleine discussie in nl.foto die behoorlijk off topic raakte.
Uiteindelijk wil je toch weten hoe het nou echt zit. en dan zit er maar één ding op: Zoeken.
Het volgende heb ik gevonden:

Even gekeken in:
- die kijkt in 600+ woordenboeken en -lijsten. En de meest relevante zijn:

from :

Gobo - A metal plate with a pattern punched out of it and placed in the gate of a profile spot to produce an image or outline on stage.
Scrim - Finely woven fabric which can be translucent or opaque using lighting from different angles. Small pieces of a scrim material is often used in front of lanterns to soften the light beam.


Gobo - see Cookie.
Coocoloris - A fancier way of saying Gobo or Cookie.
Cookie - A flat board, like a flag, but full of irregular holes used for creating a pattern of shadows when put in front of a light.
Flag - This has two meanings. 1.: It can be a large black cloth on a frame used on a shoot to keep light out of part of the composition. 2.: In the cutting room it is a small piece of tape attached to a shot in a roll and used exactly as you would use a bookmark. The flag sticks out the side of the roll, making it easy to find that shot again quickly.


COOKIE : See Gobo.
GOBO : A thin metal plate etched to produce a design which can then be projected by a profile spotlight (E.g. Foliage, Windows). The image can be used soft focus to add texture, rather than a defined image. A number of composite gobos in different coloured lanterns can, with careful focusing, produce a coloured image (e.g. a stained glass window). Greater detail can be achieved using a glass gobo.
The original use of the word GOBO came from the early days of Hollywood. When the Director of Photography wanted daylight excluded from some area of the set, he'd say "GO BlackOut". Loads of people would run around putting black material between the sun and the set. It eventually evolved into other stuff that goes in front of lights and now most commonly (in the UK at least), refers to patterns in profiles.
In the US TV/Film industry, a Gobo is a piece of material used to mask or block light and a Cookie (short for Cucaloris(from the Greek kukaloris: the breaking up of light)) is the same as a UK Gobo.
GOBO HOLDER : A metal plate designed to hold a gobo of a particular size in a lantern of a particular type.
GOBO ROTATOR : See Effects.


gobo - Also called cutter or flag
An opaque panel used to block light from selected areas on the subject or from entering the camera lens.

Nu de enquete nog ;-)