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wim wiskerke vorm en foto

in my #1 bag - on the road

In general I love small and lightweight stuff.
And I think the most personal is the choice of gear rather than any specific item.

My small bag is very small :
Very very small:
8,3 x 9,2 x 5,2" h x w x d (h 21 cm, w 23 cm, d 16 cm), and it clicks to my handlebars. It weighs about 8,5 lb. (slightly under 4 kg). It is the smallest Agu handlebar bag the Quorum 515 KF. It has a raincover built in. I made the inside myself from closed cell foam.
Under the flap I added some Velcro. So I can close it, without having to buckle it.
Recently I found out that the Lowepro Nova #2 has more or less the same format and handles a tad better. So I use the Nova now, when I'm not cycling. The partition is not as good as in my Agu. So I will have to customize the Nova as well. Maybe it is enough to put Velcro on some places on the inside. I added some velcro under the flap already. The Nova's are not the top range of Lowepro, especially they are not as water resistent as the AW series. I use the Nova because it is lighter.

This is in my bag that goes with me
for long walks, treks, travel and bicycle rides:

2 Olympus bodies (OM4ti's mostly), a 2.8/24mm, a 1.8/50mm and a 2.8/100mm, all with uv-filters and rubber lenshoods. (Rain & shine.)
Note that I do not take fast lenses, because of the weight. And that I take prime's because of the quality.
And: small flash, the T20, with off camera cord. Piece of warm filter for the flash.
A converter 2X (Olympus own). Makes a 200mm with my 100mm while retaining the close focusing range.
The 12 mm (shortest) macro tube. To get even more close.
Orange filter (for black and white).
Short cable release with a screw to hold the B.
Microfibre lens cleaning cloth.
Spare button cells.
Spare NiHm's for the flash.
3 or 4 rolls of film.

This could be anybody's bag.

ightly different from somebody else's bag:
A small, retractable, make-up brush.
An A6 greycard.
80A and 80B CC filter, cut out round to fit behind a 49 and 55 mm UV filter.
Piece of string, with a bolt on one side and a loop on the other, to screw under the camera: I use it as a negative (or chain-) tripod. (It works with two loops also.)
Tiny stainless steel film retriever from B&H.
Pen-style screwdriver (int. for glasses).
Pen and paper.
Small knife with snap-off blade.
Business cards.
Battery checker, keychain style without the keychain.
Small compass, the fluid type without the fluid.
A key-ring type thermometer hangs from a zipper. I forgot mine on my last trip and bought a new one with tiny compass at Paragon, but all outdoor shops seem to have it.. It looks like a toy and I'm not certain it's reliable enough.

On the Agu a map pouch is sometimes attached on top with velcro.

Totally different from anybody else's bag: the shoulder strap, of my own design, is a loop that goes over two shoulders.

In my luggage:
More film.
Lens and body caps.

Small screwdrivers.
A normal and a solar charger. Small Sony world receiver. Mini maglite with cord and a clip. i usually have a daylight conversion filter on it, so I can use it as a small photo light. (Thoug I recently purchased two different alternatives using white leds, but i have not tried them with velvia yet.)
Foldable umbrella. 10x25 or 12x25 binoculars. Sewing kit. First-aid kit. Clothes (some). Maps and some good books. Everything in ziplock bags. A strong plastic bag, normally used for bricks, that will hold all.

in a bigger bag:

A slightly bigger hold-all bag sometimes also holds a Polaroid SX70 (without flash or AF).
Especially in countries where I do not speak the language.
Sometimes a Horizon panorama camera or a Voigtlaender Bessa-L with a 15 mm.
Sometimes the binoculars and the umbrella and the minimaglite go into this bag too.

in an even bigger bag:

In a really big bag (Nova 5 or Tenba) I even take motorwinders.
Sometimes the Hasselblad SWC.
And a separate (flash)spotmeter.
A big Metz flashgun with a slave.
Lots of film.
Tons of batteries.
More filters.
The mini maglite.
And a bigger greycard.
But then I would go by car. :-(

(I do have a choice of two folding bikes)

carts and cases

And I have some carts now, because there are cases too: the Bronica's; Hasselblad; Sinar; the Bowens flashes all have their own. And the clamps; the gaffer tape; wire etc etc etc.


dit artikel in het nederlands

some of the small items in my bag:

the string "tripod"

cut out 80A and 80B CC filter

lockable cable release

microfibre lens cloth

snap-off knife

retractable make-up brush

stainless steel film retriever

pen-style screwdrivers

battery checker

toy-like thermometer with small compass.

as you have already guessed, not everything is photographed to the same scale



Dory took this picture of me, posing as windiana jones at the Bayon, Angkor, Cambodia
- one of my all time favourite places