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ixus diary
Recently I have not update this diary as diligently as in the beginning. But it is getting on.


info on the canon ixus
and other digital camera's:

cam4you utilities by
Hans-David Alkenius,
is a windows application for some of Canon
PowerShot cameras, including all the Ixus models.
Use this if you don't like the overpowering
Canon Zoom Browser.
It may even be better!
- and it's freeware!

How to attach something to your ixus?
Ckcpower makes adapters.



It's photography Jim, but not as we know it.

This diary turns out to become a research into the fun of photography.
Every new tool is as a new toy to me. At least I try to use it as such. As always I welcome a new camera as an opportunity to explore parts of photography where I have not been before.
Well with this digital toy it is no problem at all: never a dull moment!
Feedback is so direct, that even when I'm completely satisfied with a result, I still try for yet another different angle.
This journey to the ends of the photographic universe, produces as a byproduct this diary.
It's central message: it's more fun you can ever imagine. You have to experience it fotr yourself.

Why is a digital camera perfect for both exploring the photographic universe and making a lot of fun?
Because you feel totally care-free. No film of course, but more significant: you have never ever to worry again about a shot. Did I get that look? Did I get the exposure right? Did I move? Did she move? You just check your screen. Totally care-free.
Why do we have to learn such a lot before we can use our conventional camera as if it were a pencil?
Because we get no immediate feedback. Now with digital camera's this all changes.
A certain carelessness is also a prerequisite for getting somewhere new in your work.
I test things in ten minutes now instead of in ten days. The best is that you are able to reject so much, because it is so easy to do it again or differently.
If you still hesitate about getting digital: get yourself at least a small simple camera, just to experiment. You don't have to use it for professional shots, just for fun. (You will use it for more serious work, believe me.)

A diary can be addictive in all senses.
One of my favourite assignements is: make a photographic diary. It is always a rewarding job, but it can be of specific interest for students or photographers that face the photographic equivalent of a writer's block. This can become a real nightmare, I can assure you.
It is not something I thought out myself, it comes from the Bauhaus tradition. For students that got stuck I have a special variaton of the diary. They are allowed one photo per day only. And I check the contacts. Some were buying a new camera within a week, just to be able to take more pictures!
The most impressive solution I have ever seen, was a photo of a clock. It was two to twelve. It had everything: the pressure and the despair and eventually the relieving picture, just in time!
Another very fine diary took months to make, but formed in the end a small book depicting just one imaginary day, with a picture for every hour.

To me also the urge to stick to my plan is keeping me going: every day one or more pictures and preferably different from previous days.
One day it is something technical, the next day it is light or movement, or coffee with friends. The diversity makes this diary my diary. And it will make your diary yours.