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wim wiskerke vorm en foto

Sorry, not all links are functional. I'm working on it.
Why am I that attracted to photography? - Problem solving; - the search for visual translation; - finding form for ideas. Here is a small, rather random, sample of my work:

A client usually plays it safe: Please do it again and again, same like last time.

- I can relate to that..

But then againI I am most pleased with the client that simply says: you do it; you go and make me something.

Btw, I really love doing things I have never done before!

annual report labor office
design photo book Jan Voster;  publisher Ireland
report justice department
cover report justice department
photo disk
probably my most distant publication to date: in Down to Earth, India
5 pages in the 2002 Janssen calendar, Belgium
Cycling Union, fundraising campaign
I'm not often  in a newspaper: this is the local newspaper from The  Hague
report for department
campaign  NOC*NSF; dutch olympic committee
manual for Sparta bicycles
calendar with paintings by mentally handicapped artists
report for department
archief; kaarten; uitnodigingen atelier voor geestelijk  gehandicapten
fotoboek van Jan Voster. Ierse uitgever, ontwerp
commissions: editorial; illustration; portrait; reports; stock
for: posters; books; catalogues; photo cd's; postcards; newspapers; reports; exhibition stands; magazines;
clients: architects; artists; cyclist union; government: departments of justice, economy, education; national railway; pr firms; open university; property developers; rijksgebouwendienst;
graphic design; exhibitions; workshops and more.
What can I do for you? - Send me a mail!

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